How Musicals Explain Hardcore Porn

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Fascinating discussion of genre, Kazuo Ishiguro and Neil Gaiman,


Complicated histories

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“complicated histories of desire and regret”

Heard Megan Abbot say that.

a cage for all my ghosts

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James McMurtry

Cut from WIP

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“Your mother told me that being in love was like living in a house you can never own.”

What does the reader want?

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When asking yourself what each character wants in a scene, don’t forget to ask what the reader wants.

Free Indirect Discourse — Huh

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Free Indirect Discourse — It is a thing that is interesting. A technical thing about narrative point of view. Came to my attention because of this Paris Review interview, Mary McCarthy, The Art of Fiction No. 27.

 The problem of the point of view, and the voice: style indirect libre—the author’s voice, by a kind of ventriloquism, disappearing in and completely limited by the voices of his characters. What it has meant is the complete banishment of the author.

A description of what it is here:  The Benefits of Free Indirect Discourse

Trying to grok it. Also wondering how it relates to Third Person Limited POV.

You and the metaphor you road in on

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I have grown weary and leery of the power of metaphor to trivialize. It is not cancer unless someone’s body is eating itself alive. It is not war unless people are trying to kill each other. It is not giving birth unless it is goddamn giving birth.